• Loreen

Let Me Introduce Myself

Who am I?

Well if you looked at me from across a stage you would see a slightly serious red head deeply involved in the setup of my job. You might notice the mischievous glint in my eye if you’re lucky and if you are not so lucky, you will see the full flat face I like to call “Not Happy”. I transverse around any workspace trying to make sure every element is executed perfectly, and the people working with myself and my crew are treated with respect. You might notice that I take myself a little too seriously sometimes, but also coupled with crazy bad meme references and dad jokes. You also might find little pieces of Star Wars and NASA memorabilia around my spaces.

I am a business owner, a sound engineer, a producer, an entrepreneur and someone just like all of you.

The life I have built for myself is purely by the strength of my own two hands, with nothing but determination steering my way. I have every reason in the world to not be successful, and for me every single one of those reasons is WHY I am successful.

Success isn’t measured by the people around you, it is measured by what you feel in your core being. Yes, success to some is money, but success to most is achieving your life’s work. Whether that be composing music, leading a company or gardening. Success looks different to every person, so I have never measured my success to the standards of our culture.

My success is planted in reputation, network, hard work and long nights. My success is full of failures and mistakes, as well as triumphant highs. My success is because I chose to dedicate myself to something I love and see it through even in the darkest of my days.

I began my career in the Live Sound world at age 16. I was a kid with no parents and no skills wandering into a world that had as much mystery to me as the circus! I knew nothing and no one and worked in a small town with little growth. That small town allowed me to do things with my career people in other situations would never have access to. I have managed artists, mixed many shows, created production companies, managed events from the first email to the final product, managed crews of 30+ people, managed tours and all of this before I was 20 years old. I incorporated my first business at 20, LoBo Productions LCC, which provided logistics for artists and musicians in the music business. I handled everything from equipment rental to mixing FOH for large acts, to attending charity events and fundraisers. I moved to California in 2017 to further my career even more and ended up achieving great success for myself before Covid 19 wiped away our business. I was lucky enough to work with people like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Michael Bolton, Anita Baker and Stevie Wonder, Lizzo and so many more.

Over the years I worked hard to have an excellent reputation in this business that allowed me to succeed and take the steps to succeed in the largest market in the US and thrive, not only with my career but also thrive in my life.

I’d love to share all of the tools that I used to succeed in my life, not just in one business but many. The skills of an entrepreneur can be used across any business ventures, and any career or dream.

Not all of us can be as stubborn as I am when it comes to getting what we want!

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